Sunday, 30 September 2012

Kama Afrika

Hey guys, thought I should update you on what is happening.
Well basically I've started my own freelance clothing line alongside my two sisters. You will see updates on the apparel coming very soon.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Signs & Symbols

A small portion of my jewelry collection. This is the meaningful stuff. 
Crucifix from Forever 21

Gye Nyame - Given as a gift from Ghana

Double Finger Ring Crucifix - Miss Selfridge

Africa Shaped Pendant - Had this since I was a toddler...I THINK it's from Ghana

Ankh - Topshop

Not too sure what symbol this is - From Ghana

Black Power: Philip Treacy

Last week Philip Treacy showcased his hats and fascinators for his SS13 collection using only black models.
I take my hat off in respect and admiration to him (no pun intended)
Beautiful jawline!
He took a big step for us by putting all black models on the runway, especially considering that the industry is full of discrimination.
He even payed respect to our uncle MJ with the jackets

Alek Wek was among the models for his show. Lets just say that Philip has made fashion history for black women! For all we know, the next fashion week could include short models, plus sized models or disabled models. I'm all for breaking the rules of fashion!


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Last Academic Year's Projects

I LOVE extreme fashion and I gain so much enjoyment from experimenting and trying new stuff!
So, my projects last year was to make an item based on surfaces (coursework) and the other one was to make an item based on meetings, encounters and experiences (exam).
Whilst most of my class set their mind on making arty pieces, I was the usual one who didn't want to be the same and set my heart upon fashion...
(Not good quality images)

Anna's blazer on top of my dress

LOL as for this one, the stuck on pennies were inspired by rap artists who "make it rain".

This was my exam...yes made from a "Ghana must go" bag, shower curtains, flannels and a sponge. Inspired by Victor & Rolf and Project Runway. Showing my domestic experience and my encounter of domestic items which can be made into fashion!!!!

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