Saturday, 30 July 2011

African 60th Birthday

What I could capture
The venue

Admire her head wrap

Oversized clutch from Matalan

Ring from Dorothy Perkins

Grey nail paint New York Color, Peach melba nail paint Barry M

Love feast bbq


Courts & Kems

Friday, 22 July 2011

Soul-Angel Solange (Chunky Braids)

Chunky braids is the style trending for African-Caribbean females this year. Forget the Rihanna  red hair! That style is characterless!
Soul Angel


A simple bun is also in style for this summer

Solange Knowles can be seen as such a beautiful fashion icon! Although she may be wearing the orange and purple to colour block, I must say that she pulled it off really well. Solange is one of the inspirational black women who made me realise how beautiful natural hair is. (For those who do not know my hair used to be relaxed but I stopped the perms and went natural) Her natural hair is hidden under her beautiful chunky braids.

Not my images

Monday, 11 July 2011

Sometimes I Wish I Could Act Like A Boy...

Looking at the Topshop autumn/winter 2011 collection, the style that stood out to me and got me excited the most was the "Mod Chic" one. It is back again! The boyish Dandy look. A popular movement in fashion during the 18th and 19th century. Which was also refurbished 50's and 60's where bands like The Sex Pistols and The Kinks contributed really well to the trend. Some of our parents had fun with this trend but now it's our turn to try it out!
TOPSHOP AW11: Mod Chic - Ankle Grazers & Brothel Creepers

 TOPSHOP AW11: Mod Chic - Crombie Jackets

TOPSHOP AW11: Mod Chic - Ankle Grazer

TOPSHOP AW11: Mod Chic - Pencil skirt

African-American celebrities who have supported the fashion in the past.

Aaliyah 1997-2001 RIP

Janelle Monae

Change of Roles

His-Story which became Her-Story also...
Teddy Boys...Teddy Girls...BiBA...The Sex Pistols...TheKinks...Twiggy...(Janelle Monae)
Back then...

These are NOT my images

Friday, 8 July 2011

Chaussures (Shoes)

Wing-tip Brown Brogues

Rouge & Noire


 One more dance before we stand on our on feet!


Courtney/Mrs ROZAYYY/Madame Clottey

Female All Nighter members

Disney Princess come to life


Looking NEAT

Jojo's Bow Tie



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