Monday, 25 April 2011

Kourtney-Marie Ama Hinds

New addition to the family...My niece a week old

Yayaa x

She is a princess

My sister and niece 

From left to right (My mum, Kourtney, Doreen aka Kourtney's mum)

Figges Marsh

Hocus Pocus Focus! - Janelle Monae
Kemi, Myself and My Sister

Priscilla's 21st Surprise Dinner

Priscilla's 21'st @ Jimmy Spices Authentic + Italian buffet

Strawberry and almond ice cream with chocolate covered marshmellows


Make a wish...

Birthday girl Priscilla


Kemi's Sunglasses

Belinda & Jay

Piece of cake

Naa's Dress

Sweet girl who goes to my church was wearing traditional African wear on Easter Sunday. I had to get a picture because she looked soooo adorable and fashionable wearing it!

Caramel Brogues

Caramel Brogues from Dorothy Perkins £15 on sale. Grab em whilst you can!
Brogues sweet brogues!!!

Park on a hot day



Football/basketball court

Team Natural Hiar


Shorty swing my wayyyy

Flag of Ghana sequin belt

Yayaa x

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