Saturday, 19 February 2011


Beth & Vicky in their Authentic dresses

Miss Lolita wearing polka dots ;)

Nana-Serwaa aka Priscilla (follow her on twitter @serwaa_p)

Tanisha & Sarah in their maxis

Me & Sarah :)

Model behaviour ;)
me & my great friend Courtney (follow her on twitter @CourtneyStarhh)

Backstage madness


Me and my runway partner Harry

Full length of my dress (yes I made it)

Daniella's birthday @ sankofa in Norbury

The birthday girl

Opening the cake I designed for her

Kente prints, Most importantly the "Onyame Y3 Ohene" (translated - God Is King) adinkra symbol and her name in the Ghanaian flag colours.

 Cake Customised at Asda for £9

******MAKE A WISH*******

African tribal mask sculptures

A teeny weeny customisation of my Millitary Jacket

So basically thanks giving service was coming near at Church so I decided to add some "PIZAZZ" to my military jacket.

My bracelet from sadly snapped so I decided to sew some of the parts on the back of my military jacket.

One of the buttons fell off so stitched on a button with the design of 5pence.

(this is supposed to be a close up but the button is tooooooooo shiny)

Military Jacket from Dorothy Perkins. Bracelet from Primark

Let it snow....Let it snow.....Let it snow...



Raheal holding the icicle

My floral print wellies £12 matalan

Friday, 4 February 2011


Idea for a pinch pot

Remake of Patrick Caulfield's "Fruit and Bowl"

Erykah Badu in stencil form

Items around me done in pop art form

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