Thursday, 31 May 2012

Auntie Akos @ 50

So my Auntie celebrated 50 years of her life and we decided to do it big.


As We Enter

Auntie Akos/Mary

Nephew walking away

Room of Chaos


Auntie Bea

LOL oh! Earrings coming out

Mum & the brothers

Daniel, Phillip, Donald, Jason


Monday, 28 May 2012

Yayaa & Mummy

Myself & my mother
She sure did raise an African Fashion Diva.
Love. Mother & Daughter x

Kourtney-Marie's 1st Minnie Mouse Party (Kourtney X Chelsea)

Mother & Daughter

Do you remember this baby & this blog post?

Well a year later we celebrated her life (these photos were taken in April).


Niece a year later

Cousin Chelsea....LENGTH CHECK!!!!!


Niece & Cousin

Brother & Cousin

Harry X Solo

More help from friends for photography exam prep.
These two shoots were based on Ghana & Sport and the islamic culture.
Where the idea for Harry's shoot came from. (Not my image)



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