Thursday, 29 December 2011

AFroDisiacs: Fashion Jewelry

Most of you know that my hair is natural and I am obsessed with anything linked to natural hair. So basically I was looking for different hair styles on youtube and came across Toni Daley's page. I realised that she was wearing some gorgeous afrocentric jewelry and she also sells it too.

Her website it: AFroDisiacs I advise you to check it out and she also does UK shipping so Londoners we're in luck!





Not only does she sell earring but she also sells artwork.

Guys, I strongly advise you to check out her site! At one point she was even selling kente disc earrings. Prices are a BARGAIN! AFroDisiacs Team natural hair I know you're gonna love this one!

Statement Tights

Recently I've been thinking a lot about tights. I mostly stick to thick cotton tights because I love the look but for the past couple of weeks I've been experimenting with different hosiery and I think I really like it.

Throw on a chiffon midi skirt, hot pants, a body con skirt or a playsuit with these statement tights!

Above are statement tights from TopshopAsosMiss SelfridgePretty PollyNew LookHouse of Holland and Beyond Retro.

(Not my images)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yayaa & Efia

Pictures from media assignment...I only thought it was correct to share a few of them beyond :)





AZONTO LOL! Oh gosh!



Saturday, 3 December 2011

A little something...

Current obsessions!
That bad bitch of a fur coat!
Them cheeky suspender tights or the thick cotton tights!
Them wild hot pants in winter!
Statement earrings!
Chunky creepers!
Patterned 80's sweaters!

Friday, 18 November 2011

I Call Her....ROUGE

Finally got my new sewing machine and I LOVE HER!
A few months ago my other sewing machine broke and I came across this BAD KAT in John Lewis I knew straight away that it way a must have! Not even sure of which  colour to pick out of a deep purple and the red, I ended up walking out with the red one because it looked so fierce and it fits in powerfully in my bedroom.

Bag off!

Box opened!

Threaded up!

Where does one even start!?!

Dex & The Cups

My fashion friend's birthday and he had red cups! I've always wanted to drink out of a red cup so I was clearly excited haha!
Well this is what I managed to capture
My favorite bodycon skirt. Me & my girl brought it together. LOVE the prints Forever 21


This isn't even from the same event but she looks FLAWLESS

The fashion head himself

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Versace + H&M Collaboration

FINALLY I get to see the WHOLE collection thanks to Vogue !!!!
Ladies, gentlemen, shopaholics, fashionistas we MUST get at least ONE item from the collection this November! Donatella Versace has provided h&m with a good collection this year and I'm feeling most of the collection.
A few bits & pieces (Not the whole collection):

This reminds me of Gianni

This MUST be added to my growing collection of earrings!!!

This was the first garment I saw from the men's section

Leather necklace

LOVE this!

Crucial pair for the wardrobe
I prefer the men's wear more than the women's wear.
Photo credits go to Vogue (Not my images)

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Simple Effortless Ebay Outfit

Hey guys! As some of you may know I have become an addict to ebay. This is a quick outfit I put together on that HOT Septembers day!

Chain - Ghana
Dunnes Body Warmer £2 - Ebay
Boob Tube £3 - H&M
Red Belt £1 - Dorothy Perkins
Wrangler Hot Pants £7.49 - Ebay
80 Denier Tights (pack of 3) £2.50 - Primark
Hand Bag £20 - Asos

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Boulevard Style #3

So basically I was on a photography assignment for black & white photos of architecture. It was day 1 of the September heatwave & I had to walk from London Bridge to Brick Lane (never again!!!). So of course I will take my own pictures in Brick Lane for my blog!
No, I did not take these images in a photographers style...I just took simple snaps then shopped in the vintage stores!
I'm still trying to pull of this backwards cardigan style. First time I saw it was on Karen Blanchard's blog

Isn't she adorable in that dress?

Festival looking bag

This is creative and only FEW can pull it off...he sure did!

This reminded me of an outfit from a blog I follow called Glutton For Grandeur

Loved her head band A.M.W.U

Yayaa x

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