Monday, 29 August 2011

Boulevard Style #2

Saw this woman in Camden and she caught my attention. She way so laid back smoking a blunt & what she was wearing was simple but she made it look bold. Extra brownie point for her tattoos.

Camden Town

Trip to Camden with a few friends. We went there for their vintage thrift stores and to see Amy Winehouse's home. Only ended up with one vintage item, to be honest I thought I would see more.

Ear Plugs

Rokit vintage store

Wooden ankh

Tapestry bag

I like these boat shoe pumps

Safe Sex

Blow My Pipe LOL


Model with natural hair promoting Dr Martens TEAM NATURAL HAIR

Banksy Tee's

Stripper heels >.< Damn!

London Legend

Tree of messages

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Aaliyah Dana Haughton: 10 years after

Diamond in the sand
                  Sunrise: 1979    --------   Sundown: 2001
10 years ago today we lost the princess of Rnb, also known as Aaliyah. Aaliyah was the type of song artist who made timeless music that we could listen to today & it would sound really modern. A sexy tom-boy who wears biker jackets & baggy joggers with a smooth beautiful voice..that is hard to find. She sang "One in a million" & looking back at her she was a one in a million singer.
We Need A Resolution: Video shoot
She may have left the music industry physically but her music lives on up to this day. A decade onward & its time to start celebrating her life and music.

Aaliyah was loved in the RnB industry especially by Missy Elliot & Timberland. Maximum respect goes towards her. 

She sure did have a sassy, unique fashion sense...The type of jackets she wore in most of her videos was so immaculate.
1.Green Fur Coat - Topshop 2.Red Fur Coat - Suzannah  3.Studded Biker Jacket - Warehouse 4.Leather Gilet - Miss Selfridge 5.Prada Sunglasses - Sunglass hut 6.Lipstick - Chanel 7.Eye Shaddow - MAC 8.Bandeau Crop Top - Missguided  9.Jumpsuit - Topshop  10.Halter Neck - Asos 11.Leather Trousers - Toutensemble 12.Leather Glove - Ebay 13.Snakeskin Jacket - Ebay 14.Earrings - Oasis

"Journey To The Past" has to be my most favorite video by Aaliyah. The fur coats in this video are CRAZY gorgeous!
They sure don't do it like this no more! Rest in peace.

Not my images

Monday, 22 August 2011

The Do-Over

Block party in Shoreditch... Unfortunately I didn't get in after queuing up from 5pm-7.30pm. I was way to tired of waiting. However the music I heard & fashion that I saw whilst queuing up was amazing! I couldn't capture majority of what I wanted to capture but I thought I should still share what I could snap.

The Do Over

Niceeeee & easy



Just look at the beautiful sun rays!

One of the tunes played which made me SMILE & sing-a-long in the queue 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Natural Apetite #1

Julia Sarr-Jamois is a London fashion editor for Wonderland Magazine. As you can see, she is a natural sister. Her hair is one I admire. Natural beauty!

(Not My Images)

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