Sunday, 17 June 2012

Earrings:Why Mosquitoes Buzz In Peoples Ears (African Tale)

A Mosquito lied to a Lizard so the Lizard put sticks in his ears and scares another animal which causes a panic in the animal kingdom.
In the end an Owl died so the animals held a meeting to find out who is responsible for all of the issues. They found out that it was the Mosquito's fault but it hid to avoid the sanction.
So basically the Mosquito buzzes in our ears to find out if everyone is still angry at it.

LOL basically I told that story to match my earring!
 Comb Earring from Ebay. Got them for like £1.20! Fishtail braid inspired by a youtube tutorial.
Instagram of the picture: ShanLondon

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