Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Forever 21 OXFORD ST (Official opening day)

Can I first of all shout out to a beautiful plus sized blogger called Annabell, her blog post about Forever 21 catering for voluptuous sizes gave me more recognition of the website & had me going on it really often.

I specifically decided to go to Oxford St on 27/07/11 for one MAIN reason... The Forever 21 official London store was opening and I HAD to be there for the atmosphere and to shop. On my way in the store I accidentally walked past the long queue and strolled straight in. However I was greeted with a locket necklace, two badges and a 10% voucher!! Win Win Situation! The staff are lovely & the prices are mind boggling! I managed to get a friend into shopping at Forever 21.
I loved the store and will be going back more often no matter how long the queues are.

Greatness awaits...

Shopper basket

Two tone brogues..The had my size so I purchased instantly

Trying on shorts...Yes I purchased

Purchased the dangling earrings in my hand (Hard to notice in the picture)

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